Information for vets


Consultancy work

ace vets is available to provide consultancy work on a case-by-case basis or on a longer-term basis if required. Please contact us with your requirements and with any questions for more details.

Review of current anaesthetic protocols

ace vets is able to review your anaesthetic protocols and advise on maximising patient safety, analgesia provision and ensuring all staff are as comfortable as possible with anaesthetic management.

This can be carried out either by visiting your practice, observing a normal days routine and producing a written report with recommendations or by reviewing your current protocols sent by email and producing a written report.

Bespoke anaesthesia CPD/training

ace vets is able to provide anaesthesia CPD tailored to your practice requirements. This allows CPD to be undertaken by your vets and nurses either at your practice or at another convenient location. This reduces costs and any travelling involved in attending CPD.

Topic selection is dependent on your requirements and following discussion we can ensure that you and your staff maximise your knowledge and skill acquisition. CPD is tailored to individual practice requirements and can avoid multiple members of staff attending the same course.

Examples of courses ace vets has organised

  • Day course on local anaesthetic techniques in small animals
  • Day course on mechanical ventilation and neuromuscular blockade
  • Evening course on pain recognition and management
  • Evening course on anaesthesia for the critical patient & CPR review

Anaesthesia consultants

If after contacting us we are unable to provide any aspect of the service you require then we also have contacts with other veterinary consultant anaesthetists throughout the UK and may be able to make arrangements to facilitate your anaesthesia and analgesia requirements through them.


Please contact us with your training requirements and we will put together a programme to fulfil your practices needs.
ace vets provides a bespoke service and therefore the cost of our packages vary depending on your requirements. Please contact us with your enquiry and we will provide a full quote tailored to your needs.