Specialist Anaesthetist

28 January 2015 | Posted by

If you go for an operation in hospital a surgeon performs the operation and an anaesthetist keeps you anaesthetised. Both are trained as doctors and then undergo further training to acquire the skills necessary to perform these roles. Familiarity is best. We are typically very good at tasks we perform everyday.

When you take your pet to the vet for an operation, the vet will act as the surgeon as well as taking overall responsibility for the anaesthetic, which is likely to be monitored by a veterinary nurse. That’s fine for routine procedures but what if your pet’s operation is not routine or something goes wrong?

You can immediately see the value in having a specialist-trained anaesthetist looking after your pet before, during and after the procedure. Every anaesthetist that works at Ace Vets is a vet who has undergone a minimum of three years specialist training on top of their five year vet degree in order to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of anaesthesia. This training is known as a residency which qualifies the resident to sit the European Diploma in Veterinary Anaesthesia & Analgesia. This is a rigorous exam conducted in two parts which requires months of study to prepare for following the three year training period.

As specialist anaesthetists our principle concern is the welfare of your pet during the procedure. We ensure that no matter what the problem, your pets anaesthetic runs as smoothly as possible, allowing the surgeon to conduct the operation safe in the knowledge that the patient is in the best of hands.

If you would like a specialist anaesthetist to anaesthetise your pet, please direct your vet to our contact page. We are based in the North West with contacts throughout the UK and can arrange for a specialist to come to your vet practice.

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