About Ace Vets

What is Ace Vets?

ace vets was established by Carl Bradbrook in 2009 to provide veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia services to practices in the UK.

The aim of ace vets is to make anaesthesia and analgesia more accessible to practices without an anaesthetist and also to offer support and training to both referral and first opinion practices. In its first years ace vets provided occasional consultancy and anaesthesia locum services, along with some training and support.

This has developed into ace vets now providing consultancy services on a regular basis for several practices in the north west of England and occasional cover and locum services at other private referral centres and university clinics. ace vets began to offer bespoke CPD and training for both referral and first-opinion practices in 2012 and this is an area we are currently looking to develop further.

Provision of bespoke CPD allows ace vets to offer cost effective training for practices in areas specifically highlighted by members of staff as being of most benefit to their daily clinical practice.

Why choose ace vets?

ace vets provides specialist veterinary anaesthesia services to practices on a case-by-case basis when you require anaesthesia support with a specific patient or case. This allows complicated cases to be carried out with full anaesthesia support and advanced monitoring, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on the procedure in hand and the veterinary nurse to complete all of their tasks without having to monitor and support the patient as well.

ace vets has two main areas under which we can provide the anaesthesia support your practice requires, anaesthesia consultancy work and CPD and training.